$30 Pomerol – Who Dropped The Mic?

2012 Chateau Mazeyres, Pomerol

It’s almost over … What, basketball season? Yeah, well that too; but I’m talking about the release of Bordeaux futures, of course. Prices have been released little by little since I returned from the region in April, and after a one week pause during Vinexpo in Hong Kong, they have now become fast and frenzied. With a nine hour time difference, David has been sleeping with one eye open to be certain we get our proper allocations of some of Bordeaux’s hard to get wines from 2015. With less than a dozen of famous names left to release, we anticipate the campaign will conclude next week. I am working as fast as I can to get these wines priced and entered onto our website in order for you all to be able to secure your allocations, as some of the 2015s are fantastic examples of how good red Bordeaux can get in a very good vintage. We will send out a few more emails about the 2015 futures in the coming days, but tonight I want to talk about a quality Bordeaux already in bottle. Let’s have a look at the 2012 Chateau Mazeyres from Pomerol.

I begin with a disclosure, I am a Bordeaux consumer. Coincidentally, I am employed by a wine importer/distributor/retailer who happens to represent Bordeaux among others, but I am a consumer before anything else. Just this past week, I fell prey to a different merchant’s Bordeaux offer. I bought 10 bottles of red Bordeaux because I can’t help myself. I don’t do it often, as I can usually get anything I want right here, but when I saw what I know as quality red Bordeaux for the right price, I bought it. I had to. The same goes when we were perusing a supplier’s price list a few months ago. In April 2015, Robert Parker re-tasted the 2012 vintage after bottling and raised quite a ruckus by stating that the vintage was showing much better than he originally thought. He called out the wines from Pomerol in particular. When something like that happens, the wines sell. Especially the affordable ones. So I was quite surprised when I saw the 2012 Château Mazeyres from Pomerol on this list, knowing that we could sell it for just under $30. Thinking it a misprint, I sent the supplier an inquiry rather than an order. They responded that they indeed had 9.5 cases left. Not anymore. We have them now. Not for long.

Château Mazeyres is the westernmost château in Pomerol sitting just on the Libourne city limit. It has been managed by Alain Moueix since 1992, and the quality of Mazeyres has risen consistently under his watch. My first contact with Mazeyres was in April 2011 while in Bordeaux tasting the 2010 barrel samples. 2010 was a monster of a vintage and I must say my palate was pretty beat up by the time the tastings concluded. It was during one of my bouts with palate fatigue when a negociant with whom I am friendly noticed my struggle. He poured a taste of the 2010 Mazeyres and walked over to me. “Taste this one, it may cheer you up.” It did. What I loved about it was its liveliness and its elegance. It made sense; this gent is English, and the wine very well suited for the English palate. I was just relieved that it wasn’t over the top as oh so many 2010 barrel samples were. I carry the memory to this day, and when we saw the price and availability of the 2012, we jumped. Again, it’s frustrating to wait for wines like this to arrive, because we want you to be able to taste them too! The good news is that it is now here for us to enjoy.

The aromas are sensational. Briary, plump, purple Merlot fruit and incense waft from the glass with layers of crunchy berries and herbs. The palate is fresh and invigorating. It is medium bodied, light on its feet, and gives a well-integrated, complex tasting experience. I popped a bottle and shared it with Anya and Tom earlier and they both loved it. Citing its “completeness,” it went over extremely well as we all welcomed the very adult profile of this Pomerol.

The Wine Advocate’s Neal Martin had this to say about the 2012 Château Mazeyres, “Tasted twice with consistent notes, Alain Moueix has fashioned just a beautiful, floral, almost Margaux-like bouquet that I think will be special once in bottle. The palate is medium-bodied with fleshy ripe tannins, wonderful acidity and a satin-textured finish that boasts superb fruit concentration and elegance at this early stage. This is a great wine from an under-rated estate.” So yes, we don’t expect this to be around very long.

It’s almost over. The Bordeaux futures campaign, that is. My email inbox is full every morning with offers for the newly priced 2015’s and from customer looking to secure allocations of them. The phones are ringing off the hook as well. As I said, I am working as fast as I can to get these wines priced and onto our website. Most of them are, but there will be more to come this week. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about anything relating to 2015 Bordeaux futures. The 2015’s will arrive sometime in 2018. The 2012 Château Mazeyres is here now; but not for long!Peter Zavialoff

PS: To all the Dads out there, Happy Fathers’ Day!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about Bordeaux, 2015 futures, or the Euro 2016 tournament: peter@wineSF.com

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