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2014 Chateau Armurey Bordeaux Clairet – Rare And Delicious!

Visiting Bordeaux each spring to attend the En Primeur tastings is always an interesting experience. Full of challenges and deadlines, but also rife with learning opportunities and plain old dumb luck, I try to approach the week as open and … Continue reading

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2013 Château Armurey Bordeaux Clairet

Greetings. Another weekend in San Francisco. No big deal. The President is in town. It’s Fleet Week, as our streets are dotted with various uniformed service people. The Blue Angels are whizzing about up in the sky to the chagrin … Continue reading

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The Wine House SF: Our Top Ten Wines Of 2013

Where does the time go? It doesn’t seem like it’s been 4 years since we listed our first Top Ten Wines of the Year in January 2010, but it has! 2014 promises to be a great year of discovery, as we have plans to … Continue reading

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2009 Tour de l’Isle Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Attention Customers: The Wine House SF will be open the following 2 Sundays, December 15 & December 22!!! Please note that our special Sunday hours will be 12 Noon – 4 PM.  Yep, there’s something in the air. You feel … Continue reading

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2012 Chateau Armurey Bordeaux Clairet

I had a lengthy conversation with a longtime TWH customer yesterday about wine importation. One of the most important traits an importer must possess is patience. There are a ton of variables out there, so sometimes it may take a year or … Continue reading

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Pow, Bam, Fizz – Happy New Year!

I am rarely surprised anymore by the things people say to me on the subject of wine. However, during a trip to Brooklyn a couple months ago for my friend’s wedding, I stopped into a small, and what I determined … Continue reading

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2010 Chateau d’Or et des Gueules Rose les Cimels

San Francisco, USA. October 29,2011. It is beautiful outside. Yes, this is OUR summer. This is what we expect, what we prepare for. Now it is known that there has been snow falling in other places around the country this … Continue reading

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Avitus Pinot Noir

I remember thinking to myself, as I tasted the 2008 Avitus Pinot Noir, that this is just the sort of Pinot Noir TWH customers have come to expect to find at our store, but is nonetheless challenging to come by; … Continue reading

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2006 Santa Duc Côtes du Rhône Vieilles Vignes

Rabbit, rabbit. Do you do that? I had never heard of it until around 5 years ago. Apparently, if the first words you utter on the first day of the month are “rabbit, rabbit”, you will have good luck throughout … Continue reading

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Quinta do Alqueve 2007 Tradicional

The other night a friend of mine was talking about an article he’d read on the subject of personalities. According to one school of thought, there are “maximizers” and um, I suppose non-maximizers (we didn’t get into the other ones … Continue reading

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