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April 2012 Dirty Dozen

Days get longer, the nights grow short, our Easter baskets are getting filled up, and what’s this? Baseball season? Yep, it’s April and it’s time for opening the windows and doors, getting some fresh air, and maybe a picnic or four. However you like to spend your time this spring, consider this: Twelve bottles, one low price.

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2010 Orvieto, Cardèto
Big on our list of springtime wines are dry, crisp, easy quaffers that deliver in the quality department, yet keep the big bills in your wallet. This Orvieto is just the ticket! Lean and crisp with a citrusy freshness, this blend of Trebbiano and Grechetto is a great refresher should a warm spring afternoon come your way. Pairs great with a bowl o’mussels.

2010 Chardonnay, Viano Vineyards
Is it us, or do you ever see Cali Chardonnay in the sub $10 category anymore? At least quality, sub $10 Cali Chardonnay? Sales reps visit us and pour and pour, but we keep saying no until the right one comes along. Well, here it is! From Contra Costa county, no less; halfway between the Napa and Livermore Valleys comes the Viano. Pair with a crab salad.

2010 Vino Valpredo Bianca Mia, Fritz Winery
Rather than choose between Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, why not blend them? At least that’s what our friends at Sonoma’s Fritz Winery thought. You know what? This is some quality juice. Aromas of stone fruits and citrus blossoms give way to a zesty citrus palate. Anya says grill up some shrimp and serve it with mango salsa … and this, of course.

NV Prosecco Superiore, Giavi
Talk to any of us about our new D.O.C.G. Prosecco Superiore, the Giavi, and prepare yourself for an enthusiastic reply! Seriously, this Prosecco has it all: tiny bubbles, a pale, frosty appearance, depth, and crispness. Crostini with caviar?

2010 Blanc de Domaine de la Petite Cassagne
Her name is Diane de Puymorin. We adore her wines … all of them. Diane purchased the Petite Cassagne estate back in 1998, renamed it Château d’Or et des Gueules, yet still pays homage to the old guard with a Rouge, Rosé, and this Blanc. Diane blends 40% Rolle (Vermentino) with Grenache Blanc and the result is a bright, citrus infused aromatic showpiece.

2009 Fernão Pires, Quinta do Alqueve
Dare we try to get wine geeky on you, but here’s Portugal’s Fernão Pires blended with a smidge of Arinto. Geeky? Maybe. But the stone fruity aromas and crisp mouthfeel will make wine geeks out of us all! Great with sardines.

2009 Garnacha Two Rows, Odisea
As we switch to the reds, let’s point out that our friends at Odisea have another hit on their hands. Mostly Grenache with small parts Syrah and Tempranillo, the Two Rows is a plump palate pleaser. Ripe cherries and raspberries mingle with vanilla spice and herbs resulting in ethereal harmony. If it’s burgers on the grill; sorry, these Two Rows are taken.

2010 Tempranillo, Enanzo
Yummy Tempranillo from Spain’s Navarra region! The philosophy at Enanzo is simple. To quote them, “this Tempranillo is made by applying the only true winemaking criterion: intimate, permanent, progressive harmony between man and his environment.” It works here, the herb infused fruit is braced by dusty tannins and spirited acidity. Great with pizza.

2009 Château de Bouchet La Rentiere
What a vintage 2009 was for the wines of Bordeaux! The Wine Advocate’s Robert Parker likened the vintage to the legendary 1982 noting one exception: in 1982 there weren’t many small, inexpensive producers taking advantage of the perfect weather to make great affordable Bordeaux. That’s different now. Pair this beauty with your prime rib.

2008 Les Cimels, Château d’Or et des Gueules
If there’s a better $15 red wine here at TWH, I haven’t seen it. The aforementioned Diane de Puymorin blends some old vine Carignan with Grenache and Syrah, and the result is an herbal masterpiece. Forest floor, Kalamata olives, and black tea dominate the aromas, and the palate is more savory than fruity. The perfect wine for pasta with an herbal sauce.

2009 Côtes du Rhône les Boissières, Vignobles Boudinaud
New to us is Veronique and Thierry Boudinaud’s les Boissières Côtes du Rhône. It’s an exciting story as 100% of what’s imported to the US is imported for us! Think honest, old-school Côtes du Rhône here. It shows plenty of fruit, but without going overboard. Toss in some cracked pepper and herbs Provençal, and you get the drift. This is yet another versatile bottle in what can be called The Versatile Dozen. Great on its own, or paired with cassoulet.

2006 Syrah, Alberto Furque
Ever popular with our staff and customers, the Alberto Furque line crushes it when it comes to quality for price. Grown at altitudes of over 3000 feet, the vineyards of Mendoza’s Bodega Aconquija (we call them Alberto Furque) get just the right amount of warm days and cool nights to produce wines with dazzling structure. This Syrah sings of balance and harmony. If you find yourself dreaming about some thinly sliced Argentine beef with Chimichurri sauce, pour this.

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August 2008 Dirty Dozen

If there were a sweet spot of summer, it would have to be August. No holidays (unless you count Hawaii Statehood Day) that demand our participation, warm days and nights, and just a perfect time to chill. In case you’re not relaxed enough, how ’bout 12 different bottles of wine, 6 for the fridge, and 6 reds for one crazy price?

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2007 Rose, Chateau Guiot – $10.99, $8.79 reorder
It’s safe to say that Rose has made a comeback. It really is the ultimate summer sipper. If you’re not enjoying dry Rose from the south of France this summer, you’re missing out. Bright, flashy fruit fills out the profile of this perfect for a picnic (notice screwcap) Rose. Salads, sandwiches and sunshine should suffice.

2007 Domaine de la Petite Cassagne Blanc – $12.99, $10.39 reorder
Perfect for summer, this blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Rolle (you may know this grape by its Italian name, Vermentino) is a top-notch white Rhone wine sans the white Rhone price tag. It’s fresh and lively, shows hints of citrus and blossoms with the right amount of zip to stand up to even a cauliflower casserole!

2005 Chardonnay, Lalande – $12.59, $10.07 reorder
Many of you have questioned us regarding our low prices and current currency crisis. Well, the answer to the question, How do prices stay so cheap in spite of the dollar? is that some of our wine was purchased with a stronger dollar and we keep the prices competitive for you. Take this Chardonnay & some roast chicken … yum.

2006 Sauvignon/Semillon, Hors Saison, Domaine la Hitaire – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Using the same two main grape varieties used in the making of white Bordeaux, this wine from Gascony is big on flavor, short on price. That’s a win-win wine. This wine gets its structure and aroma from the Sauvignon Blanc, and is rounded off and finessed by the Semillon adding up to pure pleasure in a glass. Perfect for fish and chips.

2005 Pinot Blanc Tradition, Rene Mure – $14.99, $11.99 reorder
Forget any preconceived notions about bottle shape and off dry wines, we assure you this is dry Pinot Blanc. This is the perfect wine to pop to get things going. It’s great on its own, works well with finger food and tapas, and still answers the bell if you were to throw something serious at it. Something like Mongolian chicken, perhaps.

2006 Cassanus, Chateau Grande Cassagne – $11.29, $9.03 reorder
This Chateau is located 25 miles west of Avignon in the village of St. Gilles, so the weather is on par with Chateauneuf du Pape. Roussanne and Marsanne are the players here, add a kiss of oak, and what we’ve got is one classy bottle of vino! How’s bout a pan seared halibut steak and haricot verts with shallots?

2004 Barco Reale di Carmignano, Enrico Pierazzuoli – $12.99, $10.39 reorder
80% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, we’ve got a baby Super Tuscan here for a song. The aromatics are of dark, brooding fruit, spice, and earth. Medium to full bodied in weight, we would suggest pasta with salsiccia.

2005 Zinfandel, Portrait of a Mutt, Mutt Lynch – $12.98 net price, $11.68 reorder
It’s tough to keep this wine on the shelves. Luscious fruit, spice and pepper add up to a tasting experience that makes you wonder how they do it and keep the wine in the sub $15 range. We don’t question, we just buy it and offer it up to all you Zin lovers. A blackened Cajun filet would pair nicely here.

2005 Cabernet/Syrah, Mas de Guiot – $15.79, $12.63 reorder
Of our producers of Cabernet/Syrah blends, we love Mas de Guiot because their blends are so complex, they’re like baby Medocs. There’s plenty of dark fruit surrounded by earth, leather, and mineral. Definitely on the fuller bodied side, we’d recommend you pair it with something full flavored like, say, leg of lamb.

2005 Corbieres, Domaine Sainte Eugenie – $11.49, $9.19 reorder
The most versatile red in the DD, you may remember this one being described as The Pinot Noir of the Languedoc. And even though it’s not Pinot Noir, it has an amazing ability to pair well with a broad range of dishes. Medium in body, it goes well with pizza, pasta with tomato sauces, or barbeque pork.

2005 Syrah, Alberto Furque – $13.99, $11.19 reorder
Syrah from Argentina? You betcha. Full bodied, ripe, and full of new worldy fruitiness, this Syrah is the perfect ringer to throw in a blind tasting. It’s got hints of spice and smoke that pop up while the layers of fruit present themselves. If you’re invited to anyone’s house where grilling is even a remote possibility, bring this wine.

2005 Merlot Prestige, Les Enclos, Montpezat – $13.39, $10.71 reorder
If you have a phobia against Merlot because of something a character in a movie said, get over it. If that film were to take place in 2008, it would have been Pinot Noir that would be taking the brunt of that infamous line. What we have here is bright, zesty Merlot from its country of origin. It’s medium in body, perfect for a duck breast.

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July 2008 Dirty Dozen

All these wonderful things are happening. Three day week-ends, long days, fresh produce, and warm evenings. What could make this better? We’ve got an idea. How about 12 different bottles of wine, all different, all offering a fresh look at a grape variety chosen with diversity in mind? Oh yeah, did we mention the low price?

Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines – 5%/ Sale Wines

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2007 Rose, Grande Cassagne – $10.99, $8.79 reorder
If there were a perfect month to have a Rose, it’s July. A chilled, dry, crisp Rose is just perfect for trips to the beach, barbeques, or picnics. This one here is all of that, and offers up hints of citrus fruit. It also works convincingly if you pour it into a flavored water bottle and take it to a ballgame.

2005 Benjamin de Vieux Chateau Gaubert Blanc, Graves – $16.99, $13.59 reorder
Okay folks, this is the first of two 2005 Bordeaux in the DD. Okay, well this is white Bordeaux, but it was a great vintage for the whites as well. Showing plenty of fleshy white fruit, balanced by an acidity that makes the vintage memorable and ageworthy, this is not to be taken lightly. Would be ideal with a nice sea bass.

2006 Marsanne/Viognier, Vignobles Boudinaud – $12.99, $10.39 reorder
You will definitely smile when you taste this; the Viognier intertwines with the Marsanne in a wonderfully subtle fashion. It lends some of the tropical fruit to the aromatics, yet takes a back seat on the palate. This allows for a cracking finish that is mellow and dry. Pop this one with your calamari.

2006 Chardonnay, River Road – $10.98 net price, $9.88 reorder
There has been a division among California Chardonnay drinkers recently: to oak or not to oak. The folks at River Road have decided to go without. What we’re left here with is a lipsmacking Chardonnay that offers up hints of melon and pear fruit. If you’ve hot a hankerin’ for some good old fried chicken, pack this along and you’ll be happy.

2006 Touraine, Sauvignon, Domaine des Corbillieres – $12.59, $10.07 reorder
Remember when you were little and you got a brand new bike? This wine is like that. It’s clean, it has polish, and will take you on a nice ride! Pour liberally as you may find the bottle not returning until empty with a request for more.

2004 Gewurztraminer Tradition, Rene Mure – $18.99, $15.19 reorder
Rene Mure’s family has been making wine for over 10 generations, so one would think that wisdom gained through trial and error would be ever present. They know what they’re doing here. It’s Gewurz that shows its typical aroma of spice and rose petal, yet it has a chalky mineral tone that makes it extraordinary. Curry’s the ultimate partner here.

2005 Grenache Noir, Domaine Gournier – $9.29, $7.43 reorder
Some of you may be acquainted with this wine from our “Tuesday Night Wines” corner. This is a wonderful example of the variety showing lush, dark fruit, medium body, and a harmonious finish. Add this to pizza and you’re smiling.

2005 Rouge, Domaine de la Petite Cassagne – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Showing big red fruit and plenty of structure, this is just pure fun. Made by Diane Puymorin of Chateau d’Or et des Gueules fame, it’s got that je ne sais quoi that makes all of her more expensive wines so yummy. It’s so good on its own, yet a great pairing suggestion would be to serve this along side fresh pasta with tomato and basil.

2003 Syrah, Domaine des Cantarelles – $13.99, $11.19 reorder
This is where this month’s DD opens its shirt to reveal a big S. This Syrah from “the really hot and dry vintage” has got plenty of muscle. Big fruit and tannins have aged gracefully to be joined by that taste of the garrigue that Cantarelles is known for. Got a tri-tip roasting? A smoked one? No brainer here, pour the Syrah.

2005 Ecuyer de Chateau Couronneau, Bordeaux Superieur – $10.98 net price, $9.88 reorder
If you haven’t tried the 2005 Ecuyer, you better get in there as the word is out. Last month’s “Wine of the Month” took our customers by storm with heaps of praise coming from all who tasted. Oh yeah, it’s a 2005 Bordeaux. It has plenty of fruit and earthiness that would match up well with those lamb chops.

2005 Tradicional, Quinta do Alqueve – $10.49, $8.39 reorder
From Portugal, this red blend is comprised of Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo), Trincadeira and Periquita. It is aged in barrel to give it a little spice, and the result leaves you thinking, “How do they do it for so little?”

2006 Malbec, Alberto Furque – $14.59, $11.67 reorder
Malbec from Argentina has been all the rage for some time now, and with wine like this one, we don’t see the trend slowing down any time soon. For some lucky (for all of us) reason, this grape really thrives there. We’re not questioning it, just drinking it! Big and bold, this is the ideal companion to a thick, juicy steak.

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June 2008 Dirty Dozen

Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new Dirty Dozen? Summer’s (almost) here and the time is right for dancing with your cousin. Well not really, but it rhymes. Picked with diversity in mind, each one offers plenty of palate pleasin’ prowess. Heading to a picnic? Grab a dozen!

Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines • 5%/ Sale Wines

Click here to purchase the Dirty Dozen for $109.

2006 Rosé, Château du Basty $10.99, $8.79 reorder
Talk about perfect timing. This wine just screams summer! Made from 100% Gamay, this wine is big on fruit, yet dry and crisp. Amazingly versatile, it goes with salmon or pork chops, but we prefer a nice, crisp salad and a view of the beach.

2004 Pinot Gris Tradition, René Muré $18.49, $14.79 reorder
Speaking of versatility, the wines from Alsace have long been the darlings of the ‘hard to pair with’ section of the menu. This Pinot Gris shows fleshy fruit braced by racy acidity and chalky minerals which all add up to pure pleasure. Stir fried scallops? Fish tacos? Thai chicken salad with peanut sauce? Spicy barbecue pork ribs? This works with all of ‘em.

2003 Muscadet, Clos de la Quilla $12.99, $10.39 reorder
Clean, dry, and crisp. Those are the three words you hear most when describing Muscadet. The appellation lies in the westernmost part of the Loire Valley, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. To say it pairs well with les fruits de mer would not be doing it justice. Sure oysters make for an ideal pairing, but try it with jumbo shrimp marinated in garlic, cilantro, and lime.

2005 Roussanne/Marsanne, Château Grande Cassagne $10.49, $8.39 reorder
We taste a lot of wines from all over, but no matter how hard we try, we can’t get to them all. So inevitably, some wines don’t get the attention they deserve. That is until one of our savvy customers discovers one that packs a wallop for a song. We noticed these flying out by the case lately, and have to say we know why.

2005 Chardonnay, Domaine Gournier $12.39, $9.91 reorder
We just love these wines from Gournier. No fancy labels; what you see is what you get. Take this Chardonnay. Fleshy fruit, plenty of zip, and a hint of spice will have you wondering who’s been pouring out of it while you weren’t looking. This is a great all purpose wine. Have it on its own, with appetizers, with salads, or save it for that rotisserie chicken.

2005 “Les Tours”, Domaine la Hitaire $6.95 sale price, $6.60 reorder
Here’s another dry, crisp white that’s a perfect sipper for this time of year. Made from Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Petit Manseng (quiz coming later), this could be the one for all you sushi fans out there.

2003 2 Worlds, Quinta do Alqueve $16.99, $13.59 reorder
Every one in a while, a customer walks in and asks for “something big”. Well if that’s you, here’s your wine. Equal parts Touriga Nacional and Cabernet Sauvignon from low yield vines are hand picked and bottled unfiltered. That adds up to big, big, big! Not for the lighthearted, this is one you pop with some of that gamier grass-fed steak off the grill.

2003 Benjamin Rouge, Graves, Vieux Château Gaubert $19.98 net price, $17.98 reorder
Red Bordeaux in the Dirty Dozen! From the hot and dry 2003 vintage, this juicy, full-bodied red has hit its stride and is providing nothing but pleasure to all who taste it. This would be perfect with a sizzlin’ New York steak au poivre.

2005 Grenache VDP, André Brunel $8.49, $6.79 reorder
Yet another of our “how can they do it” great bargains, Brunel’s Grenache VDP is a brilliant take on the variety without putting too big a dent in your pocket. Round, ripe fruit frame Provençal herbs for an unpretentious breath of fresh air.

2003 Merlot l’Enclos, Montpezat $12.59, $10.07 reorder
Once named the “Le Pin of the Languedoc”, Montpezat’s Merlot l’Enclos are serious business. The vines are planted in gravelly soil, yields are kept low, and the weather is optimal for getting Merlot to its perfect level of ripeness. A little bottle age only adds complexity to this terrific value. The herbaceousness of this wine makes it perfect with a prime rib end cut.

2005 Vin du pays du Vaucluse Les Plans, Domaine Santa Duc $12.79, $10.23 reorder
“Rock solid” is a term we use to describe the wines from Santa Duc. It’s hard to believe this is their entry level red, as it’s beaming with earth, herbs, and pepper. A velvety layer of dark fruit wraps up the package with a well-balanced finish. Recently passed with honors when paired with pizza with sausage, black olives, and green onions.

2005 Grenache/Syrah Tradition, Mas Carlot $11.29, $9.03 reorder
The quality level has ratcheted up significantly at this estate in recent vintages, and this 2005 is proof that their quality now surpasses their price level by a long shot! Medium berry fruit and smoked tea dominate the aromatics and follow through to the finish. Great with red sauced pastas, this would be perfect with spaghetti and meatballs.

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April 2008 Dirty Dozen

Sit right down and take a deep breath. In this day and age, where can you find a deal that even comes close to what we’ve got for you here? 12 bottles, all different, picked for their diversity and ability to pair with many different foods, in a box with this flyer for less than ten bucks per bottle? Wow! Nowhere, we guess. Okay, exhale and smile!

2006 Rose l’Instant, Domaine de Fondreche – $12.99, $10.39 reorder
As one would expect, our staff all love wine. We try different wines from all over the shop and beyond, and usually have serious discussions about them. That’s what makes this Rose intriguing. You see, almost every time a staffer takes a bottle of Rose home, this is the one. Funny thing is no one ever talks about it. Drink it as an aperitif, or pair it with a salmon filet.
2004 Riesling Tradition, Rene Mure – $17.99, $14.39 reorder
In Alsace, Rene Mure is a household name. His family has been making wine since the 17th century. It shows. This little Riesling has all the bells and whistles going. Delicious fruit and mineral in the mouth, perfect with ham, sausage, or cabbage dishes.
2006 Muscadet, Domaine de la Quilla – $11.59, $9.27 reorder
Dry, crisp white wine anyone? Muscadet is the westernmost appellation in the Loire Valley, as it sits in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. How convenient, because this wine made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape accompanies seafood perfectly.
2004 Bourgogne Blanc, Domaine Bertrand Ambroise – $16.95 sale price, $16.10 reorder
Every now and then, the Dirty Dozen sheds its flannel shirt and dungarees for something more spiffy; like this white BURGUNDY! Showing fleshy fruit and just the right amount of spice, this is a lay-up for any way you wish to prepare that lobster.
2006 Sauvignon Blanc, Lalande – $10.99, $8.79 reorder
So it was Oscar Wilde who said, “Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative”. Point taken, but in the wine world, being consistent builds you a loyal following. Yves Grassa’s Sauvignon Blancs drink wonderfully vintage after vintage. The new installment from 2006 is no exception. Crisp and aromatic, this goes great with an open face turkey sandwich with gravy.
2006 Marsanne/Roussanne, Mas Carlot – $11.29, $9.03 reorder
Every single white wine from the Rhone and environs that we have tasted from 2006 has been stellar! The wines are beaming with bright, vibrant acidity which holds up the fleshy fruit flavors of these varieties like Mark Messier with the Stanley Cup. This wine displays fruity aromatics, is round yet crisp in the palate, and finishes with hints of herbgarden. A salad Nicoise is a good idea.

2005 Merlot, Domaine Gournier – $9.29, $7.43 reorder
Ready to drink, easy to sip, pure tank-fermented Merlot here folks. Owner Maurice Barnouin, a pepinierist (a vine-clone and rootstock expert), works with cloned vines sourced from Bordeaux’s right bank to make this wonderful juice. A perfect spring picnic wine, this goes great with casual meals like burgers or pizza, but if you want to get serious, try it with duck confit.
2004 Ecuyer de Chateau Couronneau – $5.95 sale price, $5.65 reorder
Value customers line up here! The second label of Chateau Couronneau, this is Bordeaux for a song! Accessible now, this wine shows dark fruit, crushed mineral, herbs, and leather. Mmmmmm…..grass-fed ribeye steak, oh my!
2005 Palombieres, Montpezat – $13.99, $11.19 reorder
Ever-friendly, this blend of Grenache and Mourvedre team up to give you a healthy dose of fruit with a briary backbone. It is a wonderful food wine, but as Anya once said about it, “This wine’s a little harlot, this is the kind of wine you open before dinner, and it’s gone by the time the food’s ready”. Either way, a bottle of this handy is indeed a good thing.
2005 Rouge, Chateau Montroche – $9.49, $7.59 reorder
In this corner, the defending champ of bargains. How they do it, we don’t know. Maybe it’s the Syrah, maybe it’s the Grenache, maybe it’s due to lack of filtration. Whatever it is that they do to get wine this good in our glasses for this price, just keep it up!
2004 Cabernet/Syrah, Domaine des Cantarelles – $13.99, $11.19 reorder
Taste any 2004 Cab/Syrahs lately? All are gaining in complexity with a little bottle age, but none better than our favorite, Cantarelles. Known for their Bordeaux-like aromatics, the 2004 is another beauty showing dark, chewy fruit, spice, and earth. Break this one out for the festival of meats!
2006 Tutti i Giorni Nutz, Vino Noceto – $9.98 net price, $8.98 reorder
We just love Noceto’s take on Sangiovese from the Sierra foothills. Tutti i Giorni means everyday in Italian, and you’d be doing okay if this were your everyday wine. 50/50 Barbera and Sangiovese make this perfect with pasta and meatballs, mamma mia!
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May 2008 Dirty Dozen

Hello children. Today we’re going to talk about great deals on wine. Did you know that The Wine House has a mixed case of quality, bargain wines that changes every month, packaged with tasting notes for an amazing low price? And if that’s not enough, if you really like something, check out that reorder price!

Reorder Special !!! 20% off 6 bottles or more of any regularly priced Dirty Dozen wine! Or 10%/Net Wines • 5%/ Sale Wines

Click here to purchase the Dirty Dozen for $109.

2006 Rosé, Mas Carlot – $10.49, $8.39 reorder
Ah, the long, warm days of springtime remind us that Rosé is not just for cooking in warm kitchens. Mas Carlot’s offering is, as always, zesty, vibrant, and layered with bright red fruit. Just the ticket for meals alfresco, did anyone say Cobb salad?

2006 Chardonnay, Lalande – $12.99, $10.39 reorder
Okay, it’s not white Burgundy, but it’s Chardonnay from France. Yves Grassa’s bright white wines from Gascony are long on flavorful fun, yet priced at a level where you can buy ‘em by the case. In the waning days of crab season, try this.

2006 Domaine de Pouy – $8.99, $7.19 reorder
Talk about great white wine for next-to-nothing! The 2006 Domaine de Pouy is here, and even Mr. Parker himself bestowed it as the best white wine for the price on a bulletin board recently. Bright and crisp, sporting a new label, take it on a picnic.

2005 Pinot Auxerrois, Ehrhart – $16.59, $13.27 reorder
This clone of Pinot Blanc thrives in the Val St. Gregoire vineyard near Wettolsheim where Monsieur Ehrhart toils at his domaine. Fresh, fleshy fruit buoyed by crisp acidity make this an ideal partner for those nibbly bits like cheese and olives.

2006 Montravel Blanc, Chateau Calabre – $11.99, $9.59 reorder
Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are what they blend to make white Bordeaux. A few kilometers up the Dordogne Valley from Bordeaux is the appellation of Montravel. This is serious juice, folks. It shows all of the aromatic character of Sauvignon Blanc, but in the palate the Semillon gives it a wider, rounder mouth-feel setting up a happy-camper secret smile.

2006 Viognier, Domaine des Cantarelles – $15.99, $12.79 reorder
Known more for their Cabernet/Syrah, Domaine des Cantarelles’ Viognier is not to be missed. The climate in their vineyards is ideal for the variety. Fermented half in tank, half in barrel, it displays the delicacy of the grape without conking you over the head. Hmmm, sunny afternoon, warm temps, shorts, flip-flops, and fish tacos … brilliant!

2006 Vin de Pays de Vaucluse, Domaine des Amouriers – $12.59, $10.07 reorder
A VDP masquerading as a Côtes du Rhône … honestly, in this case, who could tell the difference? Plenty of medium, purple fruit, a hint of herbs, a little spice, and a racy structure that makes one scratch their head and wonder, “How much did this cost?” Definitely the one to stock up on in case you’re throwing a party or barbecue … perfect with grilled burgers.

2005 Merlot, Praxis – $14.98 net price, $13.48 reorder
A customer recently was touting “a great California Merlot” to us, and in our minds, we usually think, “Wow, it must be nice, being able to afford California wines”. When they told us it was under $15, we had to try it. Well, we did, we love it, and now you can pick it up here. This is serious Merlot … under $15 (okay, barely). Pour it with that duck breast!

2004 Bergerac Rouge, Chateau Calabre – $7.95 sale price, $7.55 reorder
Okay, here’s one for all the “I don’t like sweet, fruit-forward, jammy wine” types. Made with 60% Merlot, and equal parts Cab Franc and Sauvignon, this wine shows more herbs and earth. The fruit pops out to say hi every now and then when you least expect it; then the earthiness takes back over. A roasted beet salad with feta cheese would bring out the best in this.

2005 Garnacha, Artero – $ 9.98 net price, $8.98 reorder
Well I’ve never been to Spain, but I like the Garnacha. That’s not how Three Dog Night wrote it, but had they tried this delicious price-busting red, they would have! It has a wide mouth-feel that hits that spot in the corners of your palate that just make you say, “Ah”. Delicious on its own, it would pair well con Tortilla d’España.

2005 Syrah Tradition, Mas des Aveylans – $10.99, $8.79 reorder
Believe it or not there are times when some wines in our shop go untasted for lengthy periods of time. We spied Anya taking a bottle home night after night … well, when you see that, nothing else needs to be said. This is honest, tank-fermented Syrah that displays its fruity side without make-up. Break out the grill, the tri-tip, and don’t forget the Mas des Aveylans!

2005 Cabernet/Syrah, Mas des Bressades – $18.69, $14.95 reorder
If you’ve had Cyril Marès’ Cabernet/Syrahs from other vintages, you know what we’re talking about when we say you can’t have enough of this wine. Yes it’s an ’05, and there are so many others to choose from, but we love this for its perfect balance of dark, ripe fruit, fine tannins, and youthfulness which make it an ideal wine to serve with a sizzlin’ steak.

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A great way to learn about Burgundy and its wines, and (even better) the perfect way to get a discount on two high quality bottles. Sign up now!

Click here to purchase the sampler.

Basic Facts for those of you who are new to the program: Every two months we select two Burgundies, one red and one white. We include write-ups detailing the background of the grower, the vineyard source, and the wine. Finally we knock a significant percentage off the prices of the wines, making the Sampler price $89.98. If you would like us to add you to the Sampler Club and receive the wines regularly, please specify “store pickup” or “ship it” in the comments field, and we will charge your card accordingly. If you would like us to ship faster than the standard ground service, please specify this as well.

2005 Beaune 1er Cru “Aigrots,” Albert Morot
The Domaine Albert Morot has a long, well-documented history dating back to 1820. What had started out as a negociant business in Beaune turned into a long-standing family winery. After 16 years of running the business on her own, Françoise Choppin turned the reigns over to Geoffrey Chopin de Janvy, her nephew, in 2000. Since then, Geoffrey has taken the winery into the spotlight by crafting wines that have garnered attention from critics, collectors and Burgundy lovers alike. The vineyard of Beaune Aigrots is situated between Clos des Mouches and Champs Pimonts. This classy, concentrated chardonnay has lovely notes of buttered toast and green, apple fruit. The palate-feel of the wine is broad and expansive. The flavors linger to reveal rich, ripe fruit uplifted and carried by bright acidity. Not flabby in any way, this wine is open and ready to drink.

2003 Gevrey Chambertin “Vieilles Vignes”, Philippe Naddef
Philippe Naddef goes back decades with The Wine House, all the way to his very first vintage in 1983. This long relationship has given us a unique insight into the evolution of his full-bodied, sturdy wines. Naddef’s reds typically begin their young life tight and firm. With age, they turn graceful and exceedingly aromatic. As a vintage, 2003 red burgundies were either softer, fleshier and approachable in style or assertively tannic. The former vintage characteristic coupled with Naddef’s big pinots produced a 2003 Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes that is at once drinkable and big-scaled. The wine is produced from grapes that come from 4 different parcels. The average age of the vines is 45 five years old. These cherished old vines produce naturally concentrated, small berries. The wine is aged in 60% new barrel and 40% in one year old barrels with no racking. Notes of cinnamon and beeswax give way to ripe red cherry fruit that finish in silky, round tannins. Naddef’s wines have a flavor all their own. In our fast-food culture where conformity is all too often equated with quality, it is soul-soothing to taste the magical union of winemaker and grape in Naddef’s wines.

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