For over 39 years, The Wine House has been serving the needs of wine lovers here in the SF Bay Area and beyond.  Re-located to the Dogpatch neighborhood in April 2014, we offer personalized service, direct-import pricing, case specials, wine clubs, special sales, and more!


Who are we?

We’re like a little family … who import and distribute, yet also sell wine retail to the public.  We are passionate wine lover/foodie types who love to share our experiences as well as hear about yours!  Our customers regularly ask for pairing suggestions, and we are happy to make recommendations … especially once we get to know your palate.


Where do our wines come from?

All over.  As an importer/distributor, we currently represent wines from France, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, and South Africa.  For our retail shop, we source from a multitude of places, stocking our shelves with wines from California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as from far-away places like Austria, Chile, Croatia, Germany, Greece, and Spain, to name a few.


How do we do it?

We are constantly tasting, whether in search of new producers, or checking in on the established, making sure the wines we stock are up to snuff.  Over the course of a year, we taste thousands of wines made by hundreds of producers.  We attend trade tastings all over the USA and travel overseas several times per year, always in search of wines to import.  We say yes to a precious few of these wines/producers, as we demand only the very best for our customers.



We love wine from all over the world.  Small production, artisanal California wines really tickle our fancy.  Our French section is stocked with Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône and Loire Valley, as well as affordable country wines.  Tuscany and Piemonte feature in our Italian section.  Don’t forget, we are consumers too, so we are always looking out for value-driven, quality juice.

We are a small company and these are the wines we’re drinking, not the ones that critics are spitting.  Thank you for reading.

We are located at 829 26th Street (at 3rd St) in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.  Stop by our store (10-6 Monday to Friday, 10-5 on Saturday), we’d love to see you.


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